Introducing FireRanger

Introducing FireRanger

Every year in North America approximately 178,6400 kitchen fires account for 1.3 billion dollars in damages, 5940 injuries, and 475 deaths.  Most kitchen fires are caused by cookware being left unattended on the stove.  FireRanger is an innovative and interactive, CSA approved product designed to detect smoke before flames occur and help to reduce these alarming numbers.

FireRanger is a brand new product that helps prevent kitchen fires in your home.  FireRanger senses smoke before fire and shuts off all power to the range, in turn saving lives, protecting property with peace of mind. 

We all live busy lives with many distractions.  We worry about our aging parents, young children and our own safety when cooking.  The interactive technology of FireRanger reduces that worry.  FireRanger has a key pad that allows the owner to program a four-digit lock and unlock security code that prevents the range from being used without proper supervision.  It also has a Panic/Reset button that allows the user to shut the range off from a safe distance in case of an emergency.

FireRanger was originally designed for those who suffer with Alzheimers or dementia but it quickly became clear that it is also practical for everyone that uses the range.  If you live in a multi-unit building or have family living with you that needs care, FireRanger will be a necessary item in your home. 

Marsco Technologies Inc. created and patented this CSA approved product out of that need.  It has taken years of design, planning and refining to be able to bring to market a product that addresses the outstanding statistics that face all of us today regardless of age, culture or circumstances.